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Veterinary Services

Preventive Care

Our doctors want to make sure your pet lives his or her best life. What does this mean? We want your pet to live a long, healthy life free of pain and avoidable disease. Preventive care is what will help accomplish this.

Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic Preventive Care Marie Sellent with puppyPreventive care begins at your first visit with your puppy or kitten. At this first visit, we talk about you and your experience with pets. We discuss training your puppy or kitten, including potential trouble areas so as to avoid frustration in the training process. Next we discuss the vaccinations your individual pet needs. We treat every pet as an individual and will talk with you about your pet's lifestyle and risk for certain diseases, viruses and parasites. Finally, we talk with you about other preventive care such as brushing your pet's teeth, diet and exercise, and surgeries, such as spaying and neutering, that promote a healthy life.

Preventive care for adult pets is similar to that of puppies and kittens. We assess your pet's individual risk for diseases relative to the vaccinations and parasite control he or she receives. In addition, we evaluate diet, exercise, weight, dental health and behavior concerns. WE perform a complete physical exam annually as well as minimal health screens (blood and fecal tests) to ensure your pet does not have hidden diseases.

Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic Preventive Care Kim Bladow and Kirsten MorganPreventive care is just as important in our older pets. In the senior years we want to prevent pain from arthritis and pain and infection from dental disease. We also want to prevent your frustration that leads to strained relations with your pet due to issues such as urinary incontinence, cognitive dysfunction and mobility concerns. We know the love your senior pets have given you through the years and want to continue to give them the care they need and deserve during this time of their lives. During the senior years, we focus strongly on annual or semi-annual physical exams and health screens. We talk with you about senior pet health concerns, such as arthritis symptoms and what we can do to help alleviate the pain and progression. We evaluate teeth and decide if there is a need for a professional cleaning. There may also be new lumps and bumps on their bodies that need to be examined and removed. Health screens (blood, fecal and sometimes urine tests) help us find medical concerns, such as those dealing with the liver or kidneys, that are not visible upon physical exam.

It is well known that our pets are living longer they they ever have in the past, and one of the most important factors in longevity is that they are receiving better veterinary preventive care than they ever have before.



Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic's surgical service provides care ranging from basic spaying and neutering of young pets to surgical treatment of orthopedic trauma and cancer. Each case is unique and treated with individual care and attention, including pre-anesthetic evaluation, close intra-operative monitoring and care and assistance after surgery with pain control. 

Occasionally, our patients would benefit from a surgery that requires a specialist to perform. Instead of referring the pet to a specialty clinic in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area, we work closely with a board-certified veterinary surgery specialist who travels to our clinic to perform surgeries. Dr. Rose became board-certified in veterinary surgery in 2012 and works extensively with Oakdale Animal and Emergency Referral Service in Oakdale, Minnesota, as well as through his own mobile veterinary surgery service, Minnesota Mobile Veterinary Surgery. Dr. Rose has been fantastic to work with and in addition to his remarkable surgical capabilities, he also has excellent client communication skills.

For more information and what you need to know before your pet has surgery, see our Surgical Frequently Asked Questions page.

Dental Care

Dental care starts with our new puppy and kitten patients, by demonstrating to family members how to brush your pet's teeth. When dental tartar and calculus gets to a level where simple brushing cannot offer significant help, we recommend a professional dental cleaning.

A professional dental cleaning includes scaling and polishing, application of dental sealants, periodontal treatments and extractions when needed. Afterward, we help you determine the home preventive care you can provide for your pets to keep their smiles healthy.


Senior pets have a special place in our hearts. These companions have shared their best years with us, and we should do all we can to make their latter years as golden as possible. We routinely monitor for early recognition of disease through physical exams and laboratory testing. We help you make decisions with their quality of life as the prime concern.


Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic Laboratory Shell LakeBoth of our locations maintain extensive laboratories, with capabilities including blood chemistry analysis, hematology, microscopy, bacterial culture and sensitivity, and antigen and antibody testing.



Our clinics share the ability to perform routine x-rays, dental x-rays, ultrasound evaluation, Doppler blood pressure measurement, EKG and pulse oximetry.


Self Service Dog Wash at our Shell Lake location.

Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic - Dog Wash available at our Shell Lake location!

Open 7 days a week,  8 am until 10 pm.

 Separate entrance from the clinic.

Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic Dog Wash at Shell Lake location          Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic Dog Wash at Shell Lake location